Closing the Gap

The pandemic has upended the financials for many states, including Kentucky.  Cuts to higher education budgets have started–or soon will.  To close the budget gap, many higher-education institutions will focus solely on cost reduction.  But it is hard to balance higher-education budgets with cost cuts alone.  Fortunately,  COVID-19 is also generating growth opportunities that should not be missed. 

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 Dr. William Massy, Professor Emeritus and former Vice massy-bill-headshot-2019-thbnPresident for Business & Finance, Stanford University leads off with a pragmatic approach to shrink academic costs–without cutting academic programs.  He will summarize ideas from his upcoming book, Resource Management for Colleges and Universities, and lessons learned during 40 years of wrestling with academic budgets.


image001Dr. Antoinette Farmer-Thompson, Deputy Vice President, Educational Outreach & Student Services, Arizona State University, will share how to ensure the quality of online courses and improve curricular efficiency.  As the Dean of the Honors College and Senior Vice President and Vice Provost of Institutional Effectiveness at Grand Canyon, Toni  worked across colleges to design and implement strategies that improved the learning experience for more than 60,000 online students.  Leading weekly cross-functional, university-wide discussions to improve curriculum, academic support services, and institutional program evaluation and effectiveness. 

Bob_Atkins3Robert Gray Atkins, CEO and Founder of Gray will wrap-up the webinar by providing 40 certificates and degrees (from Associates to PhDs) that are growing fast in the state of Kentucky.




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Closing the Gap Webinar

Presenter Information

Bob Atkins, CEO of Gray Associates, Inc
Bob led Gray’s entry into the education industry and the development of Gray’s industry databases and service offerings. He has worked with most of Gray’s education clients; consulting with CEOs and CMOs on business strategy, pricing, location selection, and program strategy.