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Gray is hiring for multiple positions related to Qlik and data engineering capabilities. The Qlik Developer and Data Engineer/ETL Expert will be responsible for the scripts and processes required to extract, transform, clean, validate, and move data and metadata and load them into Gray Associates’ Qlik data models. The Developer will learn what Gray wants to accomplish with its data and data sources, and design and develop the best possible ETL process and data structures to achieve Gray’s goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Learn Gray’s business requirements. Identify and understand source data systems. Resolve data issues and coordinate with Gray Partners and data analysts to validate requirements.
Analyze business requirements holistically and as they relate to the ETL process and Qlik Databases.
Collaborate with developers and business users to gather required data and execute all ETL programs and scripts. Implement Qlik databases and related reports.
Map source system data to Qlik data tables
Validate the data for correctness and consistency
Develop and perform tests, validate data flows, and prepare ETL processes according to business requirements.
Define and capture metadata and rules associated with ETL processes
Adapt ETL processes to accommodate changes in source systems and new business user requirements
Provide support and maintenance on ETL processes and documentation
Continuously improve data and software delivery processes
Perform other duties or responsibilities as needed
Qlik-Specific Requirements:
Hands-on experience in extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from multiple sources into Qlik applications; perform data testing and quality analysis
Hands-on experience in an in-depth understanding of best practices in Qlik development and product optimization
Hands-on experience in designing, developing, and testing Qlik scripts and User interfaces
A reasonable level of understanding of standard QlikView/Qlik Sense objects, script commands, and security solutions
A reasonable level of understanding of Qlik administration; able to operate Qlik Management Console
Experience building Qlik Sense dashboards preferred.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    To apply please send resumes to


About Gray Associates
Gray Associates, Inc. is a data analytics, software, and strategy consulting firm focused on higher education.  We help colleges and universities develop data-informed academic program strategies that maximize outcomes for students, institutions, and their constituencies.  Our subscription software helps clients evaluate academic program portfolios, analyze competition, and assess employer needs.  Beyond our software offerings, we provide strategic research and consulting support to colleges and universities.