The Most Recent Demand Trends in Higher Education

During our monthly webcast, our team of analysts release the latest student and employer demand trends for higher education.  All of the demand trends are derived from Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES).  PES continues to help dozens of colleges upgrade their academic program portfolio.  In each market, critical program data on student demand, competition, and employment allows our partners to determine the best programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow.  Please see below for a few of the demand trends we released in July:

  • Overall student demand for higher education continued to decline 11%.
  • Our program of the month, Electrical and Electronics Engineering scores well using our student demand data and all three sources indicate growth.
    • Job postings data indicates a strong profession with many well-known employers and a median advertised salary of $89,000.
  • Two of the Big 5 programs grew year-over-year in July.
  • Conversions of April inquiries are 4% below last year's volume.

Are you interested in accessing all of the demand trends from July?  Please fill out the form to download the presentation or watch a recording from our live webcast on August 24th.

Student Demand for Higher Education