The Most Recent Demand Trends in Higher Education

Gray's monthly webcast uncovers the latest student and employer demand trends for higher education.  All of the demand trends are derived from Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES).   PES supports ongoing academic reviews at all types of higher education institutions by helping to select the best programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow.  See below for a few of the trends we released in June:

  • Overall student demand for higher education is down 11% year-over-year.
  • Our program of the month, Operations Management and Supervision scores well using our employment data.
    • Employer demand for Operations Management personnel has been volatile in recent years, rising and declining by 16% or more from year to year.
  • Across all 5,000 keywords Gray tracks for higher education programs, Google search volume has been higher in every month this year vs. last.

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June Trends1.png