The Most Recent Demand Trends for Higher Education

Every month, our team releases the latest student and employer demand trends for higher education.  For years, we have been collecting the most recent student and employer demand trends for all 1,400 IPEDS programs in every US market.  What does that mean for your institution?  By downloading the trends from August, you can learn about current and long-term demand trends for programs and locations of interest to your institution.   Here are several of the trends we released in August:

  • Student demand for online programs rebounded and remains a bright spot in demand for higher education.

  • Overall student Inquiries inched down just 1% vs. a very strong month in 2016.

  • Conversions rose 89% in May, are up for June and July, and will get better.
  • Interest in on-ground programs continued a steep decline.

  • Budgets are shifting from trades programs to degreed programs.
  • All large academic programs and cities were flat or down.

Are you interested in accessing all of the demand trends from August?  Please fill out the form to download the presentation or watch a recording from our live webcast on September 21st.

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