Webcast:  Using Data on Markets and Margins to Evaluate Programs

On November 15th, Lisa Kopecky, VP of Finance at Cape Cod Community College, will join Gray for a live webcast to share a data-driven approach to increase enrollment, cut costs, and re-invest in your mission.  Mission and academic requirements are integral aspects of any strategic plan.  This upcoming webcast highlights how the community college is working with Gray's data and systems to integrate two additional aspects of the strategic planning process:  markets and margins. 

To learn more, register for the live webcast on Thursday, November 15th at 2:00 PM ET. 

Gray's data and systems were designed specifically to support the analysis of higher education program markets and margins.  To assess markets, Gray's Program Evaluation System (PES) combines unique data on student demand, employment, competition, and degree level with a flexible scoring system to rank every IPEDS program at each of your campus locations and online. 

Recently, in partnership with Cape Cod Community College, Gray developed a system to calculate revenue, instructional cost, and margins by course and program.  This system integrates data on students, courses,  instructors, and wages at the student level.  It enables colleges to better understand which programs generate margins and which need funding.  With this knowledge, colleges can invest margins from high-margin programs into low-margin programs that are critical to the mission but need supplemental funding. 

Are you unable to attend the free webcast on Thursday, November 15th?  You can still register – all registrants will receive a recording of the live webcast and a copy of the presentation.


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Presenter Information

Bob Atkins, CEO of Gray Associates, Inc.
Bob led Gray’s entry into the education industry and the development of Gray’s proprietary industry databases and service offerings. He has worked with most of Gray’s education clients, consulting with CEOs and CMOs on business strategy, pricing, location selection, and program strategy.

Lisa Kopecky, Vice President Finance & Operations
Ms. Kopecky previously held the position of Assistant Vice President for Academic Operations and Finance at California State University Fullerton. There she served as the Academic Affairs division manager for fiscal and facility resources for 150 departments, serving more than 40,000 students at CSUF. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Bryant College and an M.B.A. from WPI.