Relaunching a Nursing Education Program

In April 2013, the new NCLEX-RN® (the standard test required for RN licensure) was launched – and pass rates tumbled by 12 points. The new exam emphasizes concepts rather than memorization. To improve pass rates, many nursing schools are therefore adapting their curriculum, teaching methods, and faculty to enable students to succeed on the new exam. For those who have not made the changes, this problem is becoming increasingly urgent, as low pass rates threaten their accreditation and Board of Nursing approval. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed.

Nursing1The chart on the below shows how adapting a nursing program to the new, conceptual approach can more than overcome the effects of the NCLEX-RN changes. In each of these cases, implementing the approach described in this white paper led to a 14- to 26-point improvement in NCLEX scores the next year, with all three campuses achieving pass rates over 80%. 

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