2018 November Webcast:  Using Data on Markets and Margins to Evaluate Programs

Lisa Kopecky, VP of Finance at Cape Cod Community College, joined Gray for a live webcast to share a data-driven approach to increase enrollment, cut costs, and re-invest in your mission.  Mission and academic requirements are integral aspects of any strategic plan.  This webcast highlighted how the community college is working with Gray's data and systems to integrate two additional aspects of the strategic planning process:  markets and margins. 

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During the webcast, we shared how this data on markets and margins will be used to inform the College’s strategic planning process and develop a long-range planning model to promote the institution's fiscal health.  Download the presentation to learn how you can: 

  • Identify current programs that could drive profitable growth 
  • Flag programs that need to be assessed
  • Estimate the costs and benefits of launching new programs 
  • Assess long-term implications of program decisions

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